About LSC

The Leadership Shelby County program opens with a day and a half Leadership retreat followed by seven monthlyday-long sessions. The retreat will take place all day on September 10 and until 1:00 p.m. on September 11.  The day long sessions will occur on October 8, November 12, December 10,  January 14, February 11, March 10 and April 14. Session days begin at 8:00 a.m. and will conclude by 5:00 p.m.  Classes will be held at different locations. The cost of the program is $1,000 which includes all fees, materials, and program day lunches.  Limited scholarship opportunities are available; contact the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce at 317-398-6647 for scholarship application. 


September: Leadership 101/Shelby County History September 8 (all day); September 9 (until 1:00 p.m.)

With a two-day retreat to start the program, participants will have an amazing opportunity to discover foundational principles of leadership while building relationships that will continue far past their graduation date.  Participants will discover how their influence in all areas of life is a form of leadership, discuss how to lead in 360 degrees around themselves and explore the differences between positional leadership and relational leadership. An overview of Shelby County history will provide a foundation for future community-based projects.

Sponsored by: Rotary Club of Shelbyville

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November: Management/Nonprofit
November 10


Sometimes the most common skills can be the most important.  Participants will learn valuable tools for organizing and planning meetings, setting healthy expectations for others and managing people who are different than themselves. True leaders demonstrate their care for others through participation in community philanthropic and non-profit organizations. Participants will learn about the mission of local organizations and opportunities for involvement.

Sponsored by: Court and Child Advocacy Group Inc.

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January: Unity/Agriculture

January 12


Just as each person is unique and different because of their DNA, each organization has its own unique DNA as well.  Wise leaders will invest time and energy into determining the DNA of their organization and developing values and processes that propel that DNA forward.  The class will also discuss the process of tearing down “silo’s” in an organization and becoming a more cohesive team. Agri-business is a major contributing factor to the economics of Shelby County. The agriculture tour this month will showcase different aspects of this industry, including the highly technical innovations used by today’s farmers.

Sponsored by: BUNGE North America


March: Self Care/Health
March 9


When leaders are interviewed, a wide majority will admit that they are overworked, overwhelmed and tired. With the expertise of local health professionals, the class will explore different tools for self-development, rest, time off and healthy personal goals.  Participants will also discover why these skills can be some of the most important indicators of a leader’s long term success.

Sponsored by: Shelby County Drug Free Coalition & Emhardt Pediatric Dentistry 

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October: Team/Education

October 13

In today’s world, the ability to lead others well is crucial to any leader’s success.  Participants will explore how personalities, learning styles and change adaptation affect every organization.  Class members explore effective ways to assess, hire and build a powerhouse team. Future success for a community rests on the education of its youth and workforce. Through discussions with local educators, participants will explore the opportunities and challenges in Shelby County’s education systems.

Sponsored by: Northwestern Consolidated School District of Shelby County

Northwestern Consolidated School Distric

December: Communication/Government

December 8


Conflict resolution is high on everyone’s list of priorities, but often gets dropped off their daily task list.  Communication, and the breakdown of it, is often the primary cause of conflict in any area.  Defining practical ways to communicate clearly, learning how to handle conflict for a positive outcome and leading others to navigate change in a healthy manner will be the leadership topics for this month’s class. Participants will also have an opportunity to gain a better understanding of local issues and the decision-making processes of our local government bodies while speaking with city leaders and other local officials. 

Sponsored by: Ivy Tech Community College


February: Direction/Business and Industry

February 9


There are a thousand books, articles, and blogs written on the value of vision, goals, and strategy.  Many of us have participated in extensive meetings to craft a phrase or document, but have seen them fall short of producing the change we wanted to see. The class will work together to discover healthy system creation tools and how to define a practical decision-making process. A successful business environment is essential to any community. Participants will hear from local business leaders about their companies and influence on Shelby County.

Sponsored by: Klosterman's Bakery-KBI, Inc.

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April: Graduation/Debrief

April 13


The final day of the program will center around debriefing, reviewing what each participant has learned, and time to set substantial goals for the coming year.  The class will participate in a graduation ceremony that evening with friends, family and co-workers.

Sponsored by: CoreVision Financial Group